Product Catalog


  • Chopped Strands Mat

    E glass Fiberglass Chopped strands mat is most common fiberglass reinforcement. It has excellent compatibility with unsaturated polyester, epoxy,vinyl ester, phenolic resin system.
  • PP Core Mat

    E glass Fiberglass PP core mat is made for RTM mold to better wet resin through.
  • Continuous Mat

    E glass fiberglass continuous mat is made by continuous filament. It has good tensile strength and soft to shape, excellent for pultrusion mold.
  • Fiberglass Needls Mat

    Fiberglass Needle mat is needled by short E glass fiber to be a felt textile. The textile let it have excellent heat and acoustic insulation properties. It is a excellent barrier material.
  • Silica Needle Mat

    High silica need mat is made by silica fiber, working as high temperature insulation barrier.
  • Insuflex Blanket

    Insuflex blanket is outstanding heat insulation materials to where high efficient insulation effect required.
  • Surface Tissue

    Fiberglass surfing tissue is also called surfing veil or mat. It is very thin tissue for FRP product laminating for more smooth surface.
  • Roofing Tissue

    Fiberglass roofing tissue is very thin veil or mat for the support of bitumen.