Woven Fabric

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Woven Fabric

  • Woven Roving

    Woven roving(roving fabric) is regular laminating reinforcement for composite. There are E glass woven roving, ECR woven roving, S glass woven roving, Basalt fiber woven roving.
  • Multi-Axials

    Multi-Axials provides two to four direction strength reinforce to meet special requirement, 0°and 90° fabric, +-45°fabric(double bias). The textile is available with E glass fiber, ECR glass fiber, Basalt fiber, Carbon fiber.
  • Plain Fiberglass Fabric

    E glass fiberglass fabric is made for FRP body products reinforce. Through silane or special treat, the fabric is well wet out in the resin, unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin system.
  • Carbon Fabric

    Carbon fabric is plain, twill woven by high quality carbon fiber yarn. 3K,6K,12K.
  • Kevlar Fabric

    Kevlar® Fabric is by Kevlar® fiber(para aramid fiber) from Dupont company, known for high strength and modulus. There are offering K29,K49 fabrics.
  • Basalt Fabric

    Basalt Fabric is made for heat insulation, reinforcement. The basalt fabric is usually woevn plain, twill, satin patterns.
  • Fiberglass Thin Fabric

    The fiberglass thin fabric is characterized with fabric as veil to meet the thin reinforcement for materials.
  • Fabric for Mineral Wool Wrap

    The fiberglass fabric is weave lock specially used for mineral wool wrapping.
  • Insulation Fabric

    Fiberglass insulation fabric is designed for fire retarded shield, base fabric for coating finish. E glass, C glass fabric is usually chosen for heat insulation or finish.
  • Fabric for Construction

    Fabric for construction is made by alkali fiberglass yarn with good property work under construction condition.
  • Texurized Fabric

    Fiberglass texurized fabric is made for heat,sparks insulation. The fabric is available with wire reinforce to get more strength.
  • Silica Fabric

    High silica fabric is known for its extreme high temperature work condition. Silica fabric is also materials for composite reinforcement. There are brown non-shrunk and white shrunk silica fabrics.
  • Fabric for Coating

    Fiberglass fabric for coating process is special treated to meet better mixing with chemical materials and film.
  • 3D(Hollow)

    3D(Hollow) fiberglass textile is designed for panel composite.
  • Fiberglass Mesh

    Fiberglass mesh is used for EIFS wall system to avoid cracking and stucco reinforce with good property of alkali resistance.
  • Ceramic Fabric

    Ceramic fiber fabric is clarified with the constructed ceramic fiber yarn spun with polyester or viscose, then reinforced fiberglass or stainless steel wire.