2015-03-06 14:32:04

China Composite Expo 2015

Manufacturers and suppliers for products, technologies, equipment and applications in relation to composites industry as follow.

 ▲ Raw materialsand related technologies&equipment including various resin matrixes (UPR, Epoxy, Vinyl Ester,
  phenolic etc.), reinforcements with intermediate products (nature, glass, carbon, aramid, basalt fiber, fabrics and 
  their prepregs etc.), additives such as sizing agent, coupling agent, release agent, catalyst, curing agent, fillers 
  and pigment etc.

 ▲ Process technologies and equipment for composite products manufacture involving hand lay-up, spray up, filament 
  winding, mold compression, injection, pultrusion, RTM and LFT, honey comb, foaming, laminating, mold 
  technologies and tools design etc.

▲ New products and their applications in corrosion resistance, construction, transportation, marine, aerospace &
  aeronautics, defence, electronics, sports etc.

▲ Environmental protecting, energy saving and recycling technologies.

▲ Quality inspection technologies and instruments, automatic controlling technologies and equipment, 
  non-destructive detecting technologies and instruments.

▲ Ceramic-matrix composite materials & products.

▲ Metal-matrix composite materials & products