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Product Catalog

  • Yarn&Roving,Thread

    Fiber is the basic unit of yarn and roving. There are Fiberglass(C glass,E glass,S glass,AR glass fiber,Silica fiber), PTFE fiber,Basalt fiber.
  • Woven Fabric

    Fiberglass woven fabrics have higher tensile and tear strength, mudulus and cover more area to support reinforce or protection.
  • Mat&Tissue

    Fiberglass mat(felt)is needled or bonded by short fiber or staple fiber. It is also called non woven fiberglass.
  • Laminating&Coating

    Laminating and Coating are finishing process on the fiberglass,silica fiber fabric or textiles. Silicone,polyurethane,vermiculite,PTFE,neoprene finish are common treatment.
  • Rope Sleeve&Tape

    Rope, sleeve&tape are special textiles usually made by braided,knitted,weave process to meet the narrow insulation condition or sealing case.
  • Insuflex Aerogel

    Insuflex is aerogel insulation series. It is kind of outstanding thermal insulation products.Four styles of aerogel insulation meet specific application.
  • FRP Finish

    Fiberglass reinforced plastic making is a process handling fiberglass and resin system through various mold and accessories finishing.
  • Specific

    Industrial sewing thread,woven fabric,coating fabric,insulation matt