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Acrylic Coated

Acrylic coated fiberglass fabric clarified with B, is great flame retarded material and with friendly environment influence. It is suitable for fire blanket, welding sparks blanket etc fire resistance applications.


ItemThickness, mmWeight, g/m2WeaveCoating sideColor
BA842150.50300Plain1 or 2Red, blue, green,   salmon, black, orange, purple etc
BA20250.75600Plain1 or 2
BA21250.80640Plain1 or 2
BA241.00815Plain1 or 2
BA301.301000Plain1 or 2
BA331.501100Plain1 or 2
BC4000.40400Plain1 or 2
BC4000.42420Twill1 or 2
BC600C0.60600Double plain1 or 2
BC800C0.80800Double plain1 or 2

By carton, pallet

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