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Carbon Fabric

Spools of carbon fiber are taken to a weaving loom, where the carbon fibers are then woven into fabrics. The two most common types of weaves are "plain weave" and "twill.", "Unidirectional". Both twill and plain weaves have an equal amount of carbon fiber going each direction, and their strengths will be very similar. The difference is primarily an aesthetic appearance.


ItemYarnThickness, mmWeightWeave
CFT300, T700
     1K, 3K, 6K,12K
0.13~0.65100, 120, 160, 200, 240, 320, 400, 480, 520, 640Plain
Twill Satin Double bias Unidirectional
Regularly, we use Toray and Tairyfil carbon fiber woven. 

Comparison among the main raw carbon fiber tow suppliers:

Tensile   strength, MPa63705680500069644137500049004890
Modulus,   GPa588455540303242265240290
Elongation,   %
Surface   qualityEEGGGGFF

Note: The data is based on the top item of carbon fiber from each supplier

    1.High strength and modulus
    2.Excellent resin and adhesive compatibility
    3.Flexible customized specification

Packing: kraft paper, plastic film, carton