Fiberglass Braided Rope In China

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Fiberglass Braided Rope

The fiberglass ropes are made of continuous filament texturized glass yarns with high strength, resilient, and flexible. There are round braided ropes,square ropes and twisted ropes. They are widely used as sealing material for industrial ovens and furnaces, boilers and wood burning stoves.


Round braided fiberglass ropes---550°C Diameter: 5mm-50mm
Square(Rectangle) braided fiberglass ropes---550°C Size: 5x5mm-50x50mm
Twisted fiberglass ropes---550°C Diameter: 3mm-50mm
Knitted fiberglass ropes(mesh)---550°C Diameter: 5mm-50mm
Stainless steel wire reinforce can be customized

1.Static door seals for boilers,ovens,furnaces,
2.kiln cars,heat exchanger
3.wrapping exhaust

Roll packing
10kg per roll, 20kg per roll

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