Fiberglass Yarn In China

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Fiberglass Yarn

E/S glass yarn is the raw material of woven fabrics, thread, tape ect. It is composed of several diameter 4-13um strands. The quality of yarn determine performance of the woven textiles. EAS also offers coating yarns.


Fiberglass single yarn
  (wire reinforced)
EC5-11.2X1ECD 450 1/0
EC5.5- 6X1ECDE 900 1/0
EC5.5-12.5X1ECDE 450 1/0
EC7-24X1ECE 225 1/0
EC9-33X1ECG 150 1/0
EC9-68X1ECG 75 1/0
EC9-136X1ECG-37 1/0
Texturized glass yarn
  (wire reinforced)
Quartz single yarnQY-25X1
S glass yarnSC8-12X1    SC8-24X1   SC9-33X1
Silica yarn180 tex, 240tex,   360tex, 550tex

How to check the yarn quality?

The yarn is basic unit of woven textiles. The quality of yarn has greatly infuluence on properties and cost. The fiber diameter,
moisture content and R2O are invisiable factors to the yarn quality.

外观(Appearance)The appearance of yarn influence the textiles' apperance, and the
     finish fabric apperance  
毛羽(Fuzz)The number of fuzz influence the textiles'smooth or possibility of breaking during weaving 
纤维直径(Fiber Diameter), μmThe diameter of fiber influence the fiber yarn strength and flexibility 
线密度(Linear Density), texStable fiber yarn linear density influence textiles the specification
抗拉强度(Tensile Strength), N/texThe strength of fiber yarn directly influence the woven textiles
捻度(Twists),T/mThe twists of yarn influence the plied yarn tensile or tear strength
可燃物含量(Combustible),%The combustibles usually stands for sizing content 
含水率(Moisture Content),%The moisture in the fiber yarn influence the yarn strength and stability 
碱金属含量(R2O), WT%

R2O(alkali) conent influence the strength, stability, chemical,electric etc

Sizing or binder: Fiberglass filaments are highly abrasive to each other. Size coatings or binders are therefore
applied before the strand is gathered to minimize degradation of filament strength that would otherwise
be caused by filament-to-filament abrasion. Binders provide lubrication,protection, and/or coupling. The size may
be temporary, as in the form of a starch-oil emulsion that is subsequently removed by heating and replaced with
a glass-to-resin coupling agent known as a finish. On the other hand, the size may be a compatible treatment that
performs several necessary functions during the subsequent forming operation and which, during impregnation,
acts as a coupling agent to the resin being reinforced.