Aerogel Blanket

Our Aerogel Blanket is made from a unique blend of aerogel and fiberglass, ensuring excellent thermal insulation properties. It has a thermal conductivity of only 0.015 W/(m·K), making it one of the best insulators available on the market. The blanket is also resistant to moisture, with a moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) of less than 0.01 g/(m²·day), making it suitable for use in humid environments.
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Aerogel Blanket

EAS offers high quality aerogel insulation solution with cold, hot, reflectiion solution, Insuflex400, Insuflex650, Insuflex650B, Insuflex1000

Discover the Fascinating World of Aerogel Blankets

Introduction: Welcome to the world of aerogel blankets! In the realm of chemical industry and plastic products, aerogel blankets have emerged as an innovative solution with exceptional properties. This article aims to delve into the captivating features and applications of aerogel blankets, providing you with valuable insights into this fascinating material. 1. What is an Aerogel Blanket? Aerogel

Aerogel Blanket: Advancing Sustainability in Plastic Manufacturing

The plastic manufacturing industry plays a vital role in various sectors, from packaging to construction. However, the environmental impact associated with plastic production and waste has raised concerns worldwide. To address these challenges and embrace sustainability, innovative solutions such as the Aerogel Blanket have emerged.

Aerogel Blanket: The Revolutionary Insulation Material for the Chemical Industry

Aerogel blanket is a revolutionary insulation material that has gained significant attention in the chemical industry. It offers a wide range of benefits, making it an ideal choice for various applications within the field of chemicals and plastic products. Let's delve into the key features and advantages of aerogel blanket, and why it is a game-changer in the industry.

Aerogel Blanket: Forefront of Innovation in Plastic Insulation

Insulation has come a long way since its inception, with constant innovation pushing the boundaries of thermal efficiency. In recent years, the development of aerogel technology has brought forth a new era in plastic insulation. The Aerogel Blanket, a remarkable creation, stands at the forefront of this revolutionary change.

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